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Welcome to Hartford Optometry in Mid Carmel Valley and Soledad! We offer a personal, comfortable, and unique eyecare experience for all members of the family. When you arrive at our office you will be greeted by a friendly staff member and asked to fill out brief "Welcome to Our Office" and "Medical History" forms. These forms may also be downloaded from this website and completed before arrival for greater convenience.

You may take a seat for a short while in our comfortable waiting room. We try our best to stay on time; we never over or double book so as to cause scheduling problems. Your exam time is reserved exclusively for you and we want to give you our full attention.

Once you are in the exam room, Drs. Hartford will personally review your medical information and listen to your concerns. There is no pre-testing done by assistants. Drs. Hartford feel that they are better able to assess and diagnose problems by being the ones who perform the testing. Subtle clues about your vision and perception can be more readily picked up by the doctors if they do the testing themselves. All the measurements for contact lenses, glaucoma, visual fields and visual acuities are done by the doctors.  The doctors are happy to discuss and explain your vision conditions and options for treatment.

Our glasses do not take about an hour! We have researched many optical laboratories and found that Continental Sales Company Laboratory is the most consistent with optical quality, precision grinding and optical materials.  Another reason we chose CSC Laboratory for your prescription lenses is that they offer products from all the major manufacturers so we are able to order any of the specialty lenses that would suit your specific needs. We offer the most up to date lens designs (wrap, digital, custom) so that you will have the very best vision for your particular prescription. The doctors check every prescription for accuracy before calling to let you know the glasses are ready for pick up.

We would like to get to know you personally so that we can better understand what you need so that you can see your best. There's a beautiful world out there. Let us help you enjoy it! Hope to see you soon.

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